How to Sponsor a Child's Education

No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. For as little as $25 a month - $300 a year - you can sponsor a child. Your sponsorship allows a child to attend school, receive school uniforms, school supplies, books, medical care, and 2 meals per day while school is in session.

The Kenya Project recognizes the great need to provide care for the many orphans in the community. For $100 a month you can sponsor an orphan. This provides support for attending school, meeting the the day-to-day expenses of living at one of the children’s homes and providing the child’s needs (such as clothing and medical care). Your sponsorship provides physical, educational and spiritual opportunities for these children that allow them to grow and give back to their community.

As a sponsor you will receive a photograph of your child, a brief biography and communication from your child at least once year. You will also receive The Kenya Project newsletter to keep you up to date with all that your financial support is accomplishing. All sponsorships require a minimum of a one year commitment.

The best way to send support – Your regularly scheduled payment is important to provide care for the children. The preferred method to receive your sponsorship dollars is through a check payment to our PO Box or automatic draft. Most banking institutions offer an automatic bill pay for their customers free of charge. You can easily schedule your automatic draft for monthly, quarterly or bi-annual payments. Check with your banking institution for this wonderful option.

You may charge annual (not monthly or quarterly) sponsorship payments online through The Kenya Project website, but please be aware that credit cards fees reduce the amount of your donation that actually reaches the child.

We hope that you will get started making the difference in the life of a child. Please fill out the forms below and email them back to us.