The Kenya Project is very much involved in community development and support. Many of the projects established aid not only the children, but the entire community. Examples of this community involvement are:

  • Food, clothing and blanket distributions to the community
  • Providing much needed clean water for local schools and members of the community
  • Offering women’s enrichment conferences, pastor’s conferences
  • Offering medical support to community members
  • Providing opportunities for members of the community to provide a better quality of life for themselves through programs like Geneva’s Wonderful Women Project which provides women the opportunity to learn skills to produce handmade items such as baskets, purses, embroidery and jewelry

In 2008 land was purchased to build the Upendo Children’s Homes. This plot included enough acreage to plant food to help feed the children living at the homes. The plan for an agricultural program lends itself not only to sustainability but offers educational opportunities for students and the community to learn about farming.

Routine medical care facilitated by the annual Medical Mission Team is provided to all the children of Mountain Park Academy. The team provides many medical supplies we take for granted (for example, simple antibiotic ointments, anti-itch and fungal medications) that improve the quality of life for the children and the community. The medical staff screens the children for any severe medical problems and educates them in general health and dental care Also, this funding provides for emergency medical care where a child must be taken to a healthcare facility for more serious issues ranging from broken bones to severe illness.

The Poultry Project was developed in 2009 to improve the diet of the school children, provide surplus eggs to sell in the community, create jobs and a sustainable business, and provide vocational opportunities for the students - all to the glory of God. Funds for the purchase of additional chicks and feed are needed, especially during the startup phase until the chickens mature enough to start producing eggs.

All of the many construction projects and facilities that have been completed in conjunction with The Kenya Project require regular maintenance, repairs, and eventual upgrading. Donations to this program provide items such as the installation of gravel side walks around the school promoting a cleaner environment for the children especially during the rainy season in Kenya.

Each year, The Kenya Project through its faithful contributors and sponsors provides Christmas gifts for all the children of Mountain Park Academy. These gifts vary from providing shoes and school sweaters for each child, to new mattresses and food baskets for their homes, to other items which improve the quality of life for these children and their families.

Mountain Park Academy was established with 13 preschool and elementary students. The school now has students who have graduated secondary school (equivalent to US high school) and are seeking opportunities to continue with post secondary education in trade schools, college and universities. To meet this need, The Kenya Project has established two scholarship programs.

  • Dennis Mbugua Scholarship Fund - Eligible Mountain Park Academy primary school students who score high enough to attend prestigious secondary government schools can apply for tuition scholarships. As these fees are substantially greater than typical secondary schools, scholarship funds are needed to supplement Student Sponsorship funding. The Kenya Project has established the Dennis Mbugua Scholarship Fund to assist these students.
  • Taylor E Chastain Scholarship Fund - Eligible Mountain Park Academy secondary school graduates can apply for financial assistance to help them realize their dream to continue their post secondary education. The Taylor E Chastain Scholarship Fund has been established to assist those seeking a college/university degree or technical certification.

Many mission teams that travel to Kenya, whether helping with construction, teacher education, youth camps, Bible School, medical teams, administrative teams verifying student enrollment, women’s enrichment conferences and many others, participate in the Family Day Food Basket Program where the team distributes food to the entire community. It is a time of great blessing, joy and thankfulness!

The Feeding Program was established in 2005 after the annual Medical Mission Team determined that most of the children’s medical issues were directly related to poor diets and malnutrition. The Kenya Project has worked with professional dieticians to evaluate their meals and provide the children a more balanced diet including milk and eggs. The children are provided two nutritious meals a day when school is in session. Periodic food distribution to the entire community is also included in this program. These are joyous times for the community.

Sponsorship Programs

The Kenya Project partners with Utunzi, the Kenyan nonprofit comprised of Isabella, Jeremiah and other family members and community members who operate Mountain Park Academy named after Mountain Park United Methodist Church who sent initial missioners to Kenya in 2000. The Sponsorship program continues to grow as does the need for sponsors to support children in the community.

Student Sponsorship Program

Sponsors truly make a difference in the life of their children and their families. Only $25 a month allows a child to attend school receiving 2 meals per day, and provides funding for school uniforms, school supplies, books and medical care. The Kenya Project in partnership with Mountain Park Academy helps oversee the education and care of over 800 children.

Orphan Sponsorship Program

Orphans living in the Children’s Homes are also in need of sponsors. Sponsorships of $100 a month allow an orphan to live in one of the Upendo Children’s Homes with house parents and all that family living provides - food, their own bed, and a place to grow and learn. This also allows the child to attend school receiving 3 meals per day, and provides funding for school uniforms, school supplies, books and medical care.

All sponsors receive a welcome packet that introduces their child via a short biography, a photo and a letter or drawing from the child. Sponsors are encouraged to communicate with their child through The Kenya Project. Each year sponsors receive an additional bio, photo and letter from their child. The Kenya Project requests a minimum one year commitment for all sponsorships. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, click on the HOW TO SPONSOR A CHILD MENU BAR.

Angel of Kenya: An Orphan’s Story

Upendo Homes Program and Mission

Upendo means “love” in Swahili. It is our prayer that the children who live at Upendo Homes, grow up there, and learn there will fully experience the unfailing love of God for them…always. Upendo Homes exist not only to provide food and shelter for orphaned children, but to help these children find a path to a successful future by experiencing the love and guidance of a supportive family. Upendo Homes….providing families for the “family-less.”

Upendo Homes Program

There are many children in Kenya who are left with no parents. The Kenya Project, recognizing the great need to provide care for the many orphans in the community, has provided funding for Upendo Homes (“Upendo” is the Swahili word for “love”). Upendo Homes is operated by Utunzi the Kenyan nonprofit that facilitates all the programs supported by The Kenya Project. There are currently four homes, each housing 20 children and two house parents. The fourth home was just completed with the hope of another Upendo home coming in Spring 2013. The future goal is for there to be 8 homes in the Upendo Homes community. The homes truly provide a family setting for these children. They eat together, learn together, play together and pray together. These children are counseled and receive the love and support needed to live enriched lives that would otherwise have been impossible. Each child is assigned chores and responsibilities to help in the care and successful function of the home. The Upendo Homes program is funded by Orphan Sponsorships and by designated donations to the homes. There are other opportunities in which one can support the Upendo Homes besides individual sponsorships. Support can be to maintain an entire home or portion of the cost of operating a home. Please contact us if you are interested in building or supporting a home. To read more about sponsorship opportunities click on the HOW TO SPONSOR A CHILD MENU BAR.