Mission Opportunities - Overview

The Kenya Project is dedicated to providing opportunities for Christian mission work. The mission work of The Kenya Project has expanded immensely since the first team’s arrival in 2000 which were initiated by Mountain Park United Methodist Church which remains a cornerstone in the support and growth of The Kenya Project.

Past mission teams have been involved in activities such as:

  • Construction – School improvements
  • Teacher enrichment
  • Educational support
  • Spiritual growth – Bible School – Christian education
  • Personal enrichment for adults in the community
  • Community improvement
  • Medical – student wellness – nutrition – medical supplies – mental health – dental health
  • Feeding programs
  • Administrative - student verification

All teams are self-funded and must adhere to The Kenya Project guidelines. Your mission can include uniquely African experiences such as going on a safari at one of the incredible Kenyan national parks.

Attached below is our missions application form. Please fill it out and return it to your trip leader.