A Big School Like You’ve Never Seen

We have got a good road and a big school like you have never seen here in Kenya . . . whenyou come, you will see me, and you will enjoy so much.
—Simon Karanja, a sponsored high school student

These words express the joy and hope that Simon feels as he watches the construction projects reach their completion. And he proudly invites his sponsor to come see his new world.

Two years ago the youngest children at Mountain Park Academy (MPA) were attending classes in old saw mill buildings and the oldest had to leave MPA to pursue a secondary education. Eggs had to be purchased from an outside supplier, and each student could have only one egg a week on Fridays. In Githioroinii, the town where the school is located, only 19 of the many orphans in the community had a place they could call home.

Now, in February 2012, we are just a short time away from lifting up the lives of the children to a whole new level. Soon over four hundred children will walk into 20 new classrooms. We are now ready to purchase approximately 400 chickens, which will be raised in four new chicken houses, producing enough eggs for
each child to have two per week. And a total of 60 orphans will live in three comfortable homes with loving

house parents.

On behalf of all the children, parents, and staff at MPA, we send you our heartfelt gratitude. Your generosity, especially during these last two years of the construction projects, has been overwhelming.